Regain control of your

Pelvic Floor

Learn how you can take back control of your body with our 12 week online masterclass


Overcome the irritation and embarrassment that a weak pelvic floor can cause.

You have tried the exercises......

You have bought the latest gadgets.....

But still battle with irritation and embarrassment that a weak pelvic floor can cause.


12 Week Pelvic Floor Masterclass

12 week Online Masterclass helping you to understand continence while teaching you how to activate your core and regain control of your pelvic floor.

Lead by Chartered Physiotherapist - Jane Hyde Tavistock Physio Clincs, Devon, UK.

"Urinary incontinence is a common problem thought to affect millions of people." -

Meet the Instructor

Jane Hyde - Chartered Physiotherapist


I have devised this course partly in reflection with my own pelvic floor journey. Because of my own experiences (and research) I have been able to help people step-by-step, not only regain their continence , but also help them to ease any pain or discomfort which may hamper their daily life.

I run Tavistock Physio Clincs, a Physiotherapy practice with three clinics around the Tavistock area in Devon. We are a team of Chartered Physiotherapists, offering the highest quality treatment & rehabilitation using our range of complimentary services & facilities

What you will Learn

We take a holistic view, not only will you learn the core exercises needed to help you on your Pelvic Floor Journey.

We provide you with a complete "Toolbox" allowing you to Learn the skills you need.

Our course is delivered online via our learning management system.

Weekly Overview

  • Week 1

We start the course by introducing you to your pelvic floor and teach you how to pinpoint exactly where your pelvic floor is and how to activate it. This is essential as we progress through your pelvic floor journey.

  • Week 2

In week 2 you will start to learn about your body, specifically your pelvic floor area, and what can go wrong. We help you identify your incontinence "triggers". Our physical exercises start to look at your abdominal area and introduce back mobility.

  • Week 3

Going to the loo, what everyone should know! The effects it can have on your pelvic floor and or your prolapse. In our exercise session we show your how to identify your hip flexors and gluteals.

  • Week 4

Our chat focuses on reviewing what we have learnt to date. How has this helped you? Our exercise session takes you through the techniques and exercises to help you activate your gluteals.

  • Week 5

Incontinence, which one am I? We help you work out which type of incontinence and how it differs. Our live chat helps you explore tight pelvic floors. The weeks exercises help you to explore your abdominal area and show you how rib positioning can help.

  • Week 6

We revisit finding your pelvic floor, this helps you further understand your pelvic floor now you have started your journey. Gadgets – do they help? for some people they can, we help you find the best gadgets that could assist you. We also look at exercises for your gluteals and hip flexors.

  • Week 7

Things don't always go to plan. Find out the steps you can take if you feel thing aren't going well for you. In week 7 we introduce CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and how this forms part of your "toolbox". In our exercises we start to explore how your shoulders can assist you.

  • Week 8

We talk about nutrition, and guide you through "Eating to stay fit and healthy" and its impact on your pelvic floor journey. Our exercises delve deeper into our abdominals.

  • Week 9

This week we explore pelvic stability and its role on your journey and exercises to assist you. Nutritional advice how eating for healthy bones can impact your health journey.

  • Week 10

During week 10 I will show you how to further use your shoulders and the part they play in "pulling it all together" . Also exploring the link between diet and energy.

  • Week 11

Our exercises further explore your abdominals and their part in "pulling it all together. Also essentials to keep in the cupboard and some handy recipe ideas.

  • Week 12

It's time for "pulling it altogether". In our final week we link all the pieces in the pelvic floor puzzle together and look at where you are in your pelvic floor journey.

Only £2.40 per week

if after 30 days the Pelvic Floor masterclass is not helping you on your Pelvic Floor Journey.

Please contact us for a full refund.

Regain Control

Learn the Pelvic Floor exercises & skills needed to help you with:

  • Bladder weakness
  • Constant urge to urinate,
  • Pressure in the pelvic region
  • Incontinence

Course Feedback

I feel ready to start running!

“I love my weekly sessions, I have learnt more about my body and how to move it and look after it in the last few weeks than I have in the last 50 years! I am feeling stronger, my back is the best its been in years and my pelvic floor issues are in control too, I feel ready to start running, which I haven’t attempted for years!”

Improved both my body and my emotional strength

“Jane, I felt I must write to say how much your sessions have improved both my body and my emotional strength over the last few months. I have gardened with energy and accomplished tasks which have surprised me! Your warm delivery makes the sessions personal and fun as well as being pertinent.

My pelvic floor is so much better

I have loved the last 12 weeks of the women’s health pelvic floor course, you should be very proud of the work you have done to put the course together and to present it so well. Very well done!

Thank you very much for doing it, my pelvic floor is so much better

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The 12 week Online Masterclass is only £19.99 per week for 12 weeks.

Delivered via the our learning management system

Plus if after 30 days the Pelvic Floor masterclass is not helping you on your Pelvic Floor Journey.

Just contact us for a full refund.

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